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XXV anniversario di consacrazione episcopale di Mons. Fellay (FSSPX): "Resto aperto a contatti con Roma".

A breve una traduzione. 
intervista a Mons. Fellay nel XXV di consacrazione episcopale. Fonte FSSPX org. m via RorateCaeli

11. Although Archbishop Lefebvre always maintained the desire to arrive at a peaceful relationship with the Roman authorities, the consecrations resulted in a new phase of hostile treatment and persecution of the Society by the Roman authorities. You have tried over the past decade, at least, to find a resolution of these hostilities and persecutions in a manner which in no way compromises the principles of the Society's mission. So far at least your efforts have not succeeded in a resolution. Why do you think, notwithstanding your good will, the efforts have not succeeded thus far?
First of all, I would point out that the initiative of normalization came from Rome, not from us. I did not make the first move. I tried to see if the situation was such that we could go ahead while keeping our identity. Obviously, it is not yet the case.
Why? The authorities still stick to the dangerous and poisonous principles which were introduced in the Church at the time of the Council. This is the reason we cannot go along.
I have no idea how much time we will need, or how many tribulations we will have to suffer through, until then. Perhaps ten years; perhaps more, perhaps less. It is in God's hands.

12. Do you remain open to receive contacts from Rome and in particular the new Holy Father?
Of course, I do remain open! It is God's Church. The Holy Ghost is still above to move beyond the obstacles put in place after Vatican II in the Church. If Our Lord wants to make things straight, He will. God knows when it will happen, but we must be always ready for it. A complete and true solution can only come when the authorities work again in that direction.

13. What signs can we watch for to determine if a conversion to Tradition has occurred, or is beginning, among the Roman authorities?
It is very difficult to say where it will begin. We saw with Pope Benedict that it was primarily the great sign of the liturgy and perhaps some other efforts which were less strong. These happened in the face of strong opposition. Obviously, it didn't make it through to what we see now. But it will definitely have to come from the head.
Something may come from below, from bishops, priests and faithful in the Novus Ordo who want to come back. I think this tendency has already started, though not yet very large. It's not yet the mainstream, but it is definitely a sign. Profound change must come from above, from the Pope. It could come from several sides, but definitely it will mean to put God and Our Lord Jesus Christ in the right place in the Church, in the center.

14. Assuming a conversion from the top, in Rome, how could the work of restoring the entire Church proceed?
It's very difficult to say. Right now, if things do not change, it could mean inner persecution and large fights on the inside of the Church as it happened in the time of Arianism. If something else happens, for instance, if there was a persecution and then afterward, the Pope came back to Tradition, the situation could be totally different. God knows what kind of a blueprint He will follow to bring the Church back on track.

15. What can be done to hasten such a return to Tradition?
Prayer and sacrifice! Everyone should follow one’s duty of state, encourage devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and pray the Rosary. Concerning the Rosary, I am open to a new Crusade.

16. What do you say to those who claim you planned (or still plan) to compromise on the Council and with the post-Conciliar Church?
That is pure propaganda from people who wanted to split the Society. I don't know why they have these ideas. Obviously they used the very delicate situation of last year to accuse the Superior of things he never did or had the intention to do. I never had the intention to compromise the Society.
Nevertheless, ask yourself: to whom does it profit to see the Society divided, if not to the enemies? Those who divide the Society with their dialectic, they should reflect on why they do what they do. With this, I mean Bishop Williamson and the priests who follow him.

17. Looking back over the past year, is there anything you would have done differently?
Oh, certainly. We are always wiser after the battle. I would have emphasized more what I have always said, though I didn't think it was necessary to emphasize: in whatever kind of an agreement, there would always be a condition sine qua non that we are not going to compromise. There is no way. We stay as we are. This is what makes us Catholics, and we want to remain Catholics.
I certainly would have, and in fact, have already, improved communications. I was paralyzed by the leaks. I would do it otherwise now.

18. Beyond relations with Rome, what are your hopes for the next 25 years for the Society and the Church?
That in these next 25 years, we will see the return of the Church to her Tradition so that we may see a new blossoming of the Church.

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  1. A noi Cattolici Romani non interessa avere "contatti" con gli scismatici, che siano gallicani, anglicani o orientali.

    1. sursumcorda? Io direi giò i calzett!

  2. esatto sursumcorda. La Chiesa Cattolica Romana non ha bisogno di gente scismatica come te. La FSSPX sarà l'ancora di salvezza della Chiesa!

  3. Mi piacerebbe vedere a quale setta che usurpa l'appartenenza "cattolici romani", appartiene costui...

  4. Grazie monsignore della sua gentile concessione! quanto onore! Resta aperto ai contatti con Roma???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Muito bem Mons. Fellay.
    Quanto ao Sr. Deorsumcorda, queria dizer que suas palavras revelam um espírito farisaico, insolente. Fazem pensar naqueles pérfidos judeus que se orgulhavam de descender carnalmente de Abraão e a quem Nosso Senhor respondeu que tinham o diabo por pai. O sr. não é sursum corda, mas deorsum corda, vai decaindo no lixo como a heresia da igreja pósconciliar.

  6. Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.

    1. Spett. REDAZIONE:
      dopo aver constatato che i commenti sono ora sottoposti al Vostro vaglio, Vi chiedo cortesemente se l'esternazione dell'anonimo delle ore 11.48 dell'11 giugno si tratta di una svista o se avete positivamente approvato degli insulti gratuiti ed ingiustificati rivolti ad un vescovo.
      Grazie e distinti saluti,

  7. Non c'è problema. Noi cattolici abbiamo contatti con Ebrei, Musulmani, Buddisti. Possiamo averne anche con i lefebvriani e i talebani. Poca è la differenza. I primi sono cristiani, i secondi maomettani.

  8. Eì una posizione equilibrata.

  9. Impressionante.

    Dice le stesse cose di Martini.

    Uomini tristi, volontariamente allontanatisi dalla Chiesa, volontariamente rimangono lontani.

    Così come Lefebvre non ebbe alcun motivo fondato di disubidire non foss altro la difesa della sua propria immagine: così loro ora, all'ennesimo grado.
    E si che avrebbero potuto, pur certo sopportando tutte le fatiche di questo mondo, dare un grande contributo e in meno di vent'anni essere riconosciuti nelle loro aspirazioni; e invece han deciso che fosse più comodo andarsene per nient altro che difendere la loro immagine, invece di mettersi in gioco per il bene di tutti.

    Forse alla fine otterrano ciò che vogliono ma a costo di quale pena e di quale dolore procurato alla Chiesa? Quante volte sono strumento di scandalo impugnato dal Mondo e dal potere, questo non li interroga mai?
    Sarebbe invece cristianamente molto piu virtuoso sopportare e sopportare tanto e amare e quindi rompere i che starsene fuori e essere fonte di scandalo e divisione.
    Come uno che si sposa e quando è in disaccordo prende e se ne va invece di amare e correggere la dove pensa sia il caso- magari sbagliando.

  10. Continua la sagra degli insulti al Papa. Tornielli ha ragione in quello che scrive. Chi ha "la coda di paglia" se la bruci. C'è un'evidente relationship tra lobby gay e tradizionalismo anche se gli uni non si identificano negli altri, ma molti dei preti omo amano pizzo e merletto. Peccato che un blog come il vostro non si apra ai commenti nei post dove sarebbe necessario.


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